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You Prepare a Banquet for Me

My friend, Cristina, who is the pastor of a latino church in Antioch prayed the second half of the 23rd Psalm over me this evening. She began with "Él está preparando un banquete para ti." He is preparing a banquet for you. This is exactly where the Holy Spirit began praying this same psalm through me in my prayer time in Atlanta the morning of the interview for the job with HarperCollins Christian Publishing here in Nashville. I'd pressed into the Father as hard as I could because I had been utterly devastated by divorce. I never thought it would happen. But it did and I was left a shell of my former self. Which is always the place on this side of Eden where God recreates man more into His own image, the image of His Son. Cristina's prayer is timely. Today, I am preparing a sermon entitled, "Lay Down Your Matt." I did not come up with that title. Well, I came up with "Lay Down Your Mat," based on the healing of a man who'd been an invalid at …

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