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Tongues: A Beginning

About two weeks ago I suddenly found myself swept down a hill by a torrent of swiftly moving flood waters. A woman I'd met the week before was caught up with me. But she was holding her arm around me and smiling and laughing jovially, along for the ride, as if it were the most fun she could have. The waters then carried us down the hill and took us left, or westward, perhaps. This was all a dream; but it was not only a dream. The Father occasionally choses times to reveal Himself in this way. And since I have just exited a season of intense defeat, God, in His immense grace, is releasing the flood waters of the Holy Spirit into my life. But not in a way I ever wanted or welcomed. Until now. Until now, tongues have presented me an intellectual challenge no doubt rooted in pride. The thought of spontaneously and willingly releasing unknown syllables from my person in front of others, or even alone, has historically made me uncomfortable in the same way that raising an occasion…

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