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Tongues: The Breakthrough, Part 1

When I wrote my last post I had received the gift of praying in the language of the Spirit, but only in a limited way. I had one cadence I repeated as I heard syllables bubble up in my psyche, but nothing more. Something akin to, "Shah-nah-nah." This was my beginning. The week following my trip to the Smokey's to see my half-sister, I'd returned to work and was sitting at my desk when I received an instant message from a co-worker, Yvonne, asking if I'd like to take a quick walk. Yvonne and I had begun the practice of praying aloud as we looped the two parking lots of outside the office building. We found in each other a true dependence on Jesus's intercession with the Father and the faithful work of the Holy Spirit. I'd let Yvonne know about the dream of the dam bursting and being caught up in its floodwaters, and of God taking me to 2 Samuel 5 to read David's description of God bursting forth before his enemies like water, and then God's confirm…

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