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On Being Cleansed from Two Unclean Spirits

Here is how it happened:

Today during worship, Jeff Dollar-- who does not like to play church, but wants to aways be plugged into the move and guidance of what and where Holy Spirit is taking us-- spoke at the end of the song Emmanuel, God with Us and challenged us to take the words to heart.

When he spoke the words "Put your hands on your heart, whatever it takes for us to engage, but begin to speak the Truth, saying Emmanuel, God with us. The King is here," I realized there were places in my mind and heart where I had not let His sovereignty penetrate since the rebellion and the yoke had settled and began to strip me of Truth.

1 Corinthians 7:14 juxtaposes the word unclean with unbelieving. So then, if one is to be clean, he must believe correctly in his inner man.

Just so it was with me today. When Jeff spoke the words, "Begin to speak the Truth, Emmanuel God with us. The King is here (to your heart)," with the fingers of both hands touching my heart, the moment …

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